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Monthly Archives: July 2019

UCCX Simple Holiday Script

UCCX Simple Holiday Script When creating a script in UCCX,  we need to ensure that the holiday prompts are played when there are some national holidays in the country/state. For example – Christmas, New Year, Independence day including some festivals celebrated in the country/state. The below

Installing AsteriskNow on VMWare

Installing AsteriskNow on VMWare Have you ever installed Asterisk on VMware? It’s quite easy and it takes hardly 60 mins to complete the installation. Below are the steps. Download AsteriskNow ISO File from official website. Create a Virtual Machine. Mount the ISO that you have downloaded

vCenter 5.1 Timed waiting for vpxa to start

vCenter 5.1 Timed waiting for vpxa to start Recently, i installed vCenter 5.1 in Lab and tried to connect ESXi host with vCenter but got an error “A general system error occurred. Timed waiting for vpxa to start.” I restarted Network Management Agents and re-initiated the host

How to configure Single number reach ?

Configure Single Number Reach (SNR) Cisco Unified Mobility application known as Mobile Connect, commonly called Single Number Reach (SNR), provides Cisco Unified Communications users with the ability to be reached via a single enterprise phone number that rings on both their IP desk phone and

Cisco Hunt Group call waiting Queue Status

Cisco Hunt Group call waiting Queue Status Configure Hunt Group Queue statistics / status on Cisco IP Phone for the calls coming into hunt pilot queue which will help you to know how many calls are waiting into the Queue.  This helps supervisor or agents to