Step by Step Cisco IM & Presence Configuration

CUCM IM&Presence Jabber

Step by Step IM & Presence Configuration

Are you looking to configure IM & Presence step by step? Do not worry, here are the steps that would help you to configure IMP from scratch. Assuming that you have already installed IM & Presence.


Activating IM & Presence Services

  • Login to IM & Presence Serviceability
  • Go to Tools > Service Activation
  • Under Server > Select your IM & Presence server from drop down menu
  • Check Mark > Check all services
  • Click on Save


Presence Gateway Configuration –  (This will publish phone presence info like on hook or off hook)

  • Login to IM & Presence Administration Page
  • Go to Presence > Gateway > Click on Add New
  • Presence Gateway Type > Select CUCM from drop down
  • Description > Enter a small description
  • Presence Gateway > Enter the IP Address of CUCM




Configure Cisco CCM CIP Profile

  • Go to Application > Legacy Client > CCMCIP Profiles > Click on Add New
  • Name > Enter a Name
  • Description > Enter a Description
  • Primary CCMCIP Host > Enter Primary CUCM IP Address
  • Check Mark > Make this the default CCMCIP Profile for the system.
  • Click on Save




Configure Legacy Clients Settings

  • Go to Application > Legacy Clients > Settins
  • Primary TFTP Server > Enter your primary TFTP Server
  • Backup TFTP Server > Enter your backup TFTP Server
  • Click on Save




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