TCP UDP Port Usage – CUCM Voice Gateway and Gatekeeper

CUCM Gatekeeper Gateways Router

It is very important to know the port numbers being used by the devices we work on as it makes life easier. If you are aware of the port numbers, it becomes little easier to troubleshoot. Port numbers are used to determine what protocol incoming traffic should be directed to. Ports are assigned when a session is established, and released when the session ends.

So, lets see what ports are being used between the Voice Devices like Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Voice Gateway and Gatekeeper:


SIP messages > TCP/UDP 5060

SIP messages > TLS(TCP) 5061

Real-Time Protocol (RTP)> UDP 16384 – 32767

Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) > UDP 16384 – 32767

Skinny Client Protocol (SCCP) > TCP 2000

Secure Skinny Client Protocol (SCCPS) > TCP 2443

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) gateway control > UDP 2427

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) backhaul > TCP 2428

MGCP Gateway and the CUCM TFTP > TCP and UDP ports 2427, 2428 and 2727

H.225 Signalling Services by ICT and H323 Gatekeeper > TCP 1720

Gatekeeper (H.225) Discovery > TCP 1718

Gatekeeper (H.225) RAS > UDP 1719

H.245 > TCP Port Range 5555-5574

Gatekeeper Discovery (RAS) > UDP 1719 –

Q.931 signaling from the Voice Gateway > TCP 2727

Q.931 call Setup > TCP 1720


Hope this helps!



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