Installing AsteriskNow on VMWare


HI All,

Have you ever installed Asterisk on VMware? It’s quite easy and it takes hardly 60 mins to complete the installation. Below are the steps.

  • Download AsteriskNow ISO File from official website.
  • Create a Virtual Machine.
  • Mount the ISO that you have downloaded in the Virtual Machine.
  • Power ON the Virtual Machine
  • Select “Full Install” when screen reads “Welcome to FreePBX X.X version”and hit Enter
  • Select “Enable IPv4 Support”
  • Select “Manual Configuration”
  • Hit Enter on OK button
  • Select Timezone and Hit Enter on OK button when prompted
  • Enter root password when prompted
  • Wait for an hour time and the installation will be completed. Once the installation is completed, it will ask you to enter credentials for root.
  • Launch your favorite browser and enter the IP Address that you defined in Manual configuration for IPv4
  • Create Username and Password
  • Enter Email Address
  • Click on “Set up My Account”

That’s all !! You are done with the installation.

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