Choosing VMV7 vs VMV8 OVA Template

Hi All,

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between VMV7 and VMV8 (For example cucm_9.1_vmv7_v1.6.ova and cucm_9.1_vmv8_v1.6.ova?

From my understanding, i found the configurations to be almost similar between VMV7 and VMV8 like Number of CPUs, RAM, OS, HDD.

Only difference i found is choosing the right OVA for right ESXi version. Below is how you choose/decide whether to use VMV7 or VMV8.


– ESXi support: ESXi 4.0 (VM version 7) and beyond

– ESXi support: ESXi 5.0 (VM version 8) and beyond


Below is what i found from the Scope of OVA Read me.


Hope it helps!!


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