Inter-cluster BLF over SIP Trunk

Hello All,

Recently we have configured Intra-Cluster BLF and now lets configure Inter-Cluster BLF so that we can monitor a device in remote cluster.

To configure this, we need to follow the below.

(Assuming that Partition, CSS, Route Pattern, Device Pool, Region, Location and other necessary parameters are configured.)


  • Ensure that you follow the previous post
  • Go to System > Security > Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile > Ensure that Outgoing Transport Type is selected as UDP and Accept presence subscription box is checked > Click on Save, Apply Config and Reset
  • Go to Device > Trunk > Add a SIP Trunk

Name all necessary parameters like Device Name, Description and assign appropriate Device Pool, MRGL, Location,  Incoming & Outgoing CSS, SUBSCRIBE CSS

Enter the IP Address of the Destination Call Manager and let the port be 5060

Click on Save, Apply and Reset

  • Go to System > Presence Group > Standard Presence group > Under Subscription permission select Allow Subscription and save
  • Go to System> Service Parameters > Select Server and Service as Cisco Call Manager > Default Inter-Presence Group Subscription  > Allow Subscription > Click on Save
  • Final Step > Reset Trunks


Results : –

On Hook on Site A Phone and BLF light turned on on Site B Phone


On Hook on Site B Phone and BLF light turned on on Site A Phone




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5 thoughts on “Inter-cluster BLF over SIP Trunk”

  1. Theofanes Oliveira says:

    Please, which is the version of Call Manager you are working with?

  2. avinashkarnani11 says:

    The above testing were performed on CUCM 8.X

    1. Theófanes Oliveira says:

      Thank you for your attention. Do you think it is possible to do the same using CUCM 9.x? Thank you.

      *Theófanes OliveiraBrasília – Brasil*

      2015-01-29 22:54 GMT-02:00 Cisco Unified Communications :

      > avinashkarnani11 commented: “The above testing were performed on CUCM > 8.X”

      1. avinashkarnani11 says:

        I have not tested this with 9.X but i believe it should work with 9.X since it is the upgraded version of 8.X. But until and unless, i test it, i cannot confirm.

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