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Today, we see how to Configure an External Billing Server on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.



The system can send Cisco Call Detailed Record (CDR) files to up to 3 pre-configured destinations (billing servers) using SFTP/FTP. The Cisco CDR Repository Manager on the CUCM Publisher is responsible for transferring the CDR files to the billing servers.

Complete the following procedure in order to configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager device to save CDR/CMR data to an external billing server.



CUCM 9.1.2, OverCall Enterprise software.



You will need to access to Cisco Unified CM Administration and Serviceability pages.

In your Cisco Unified Communications Manager, set the CDR Enabled Flag to True on Service Parameter Configuration. If you want to change the time interval for collecting CDR/CMR data, click System > Enterprise Parameters, modify the CDR File Time Interval, and then click OK (in my case, it is set to 5).




In your Cisco Unified Serviceablility page, add a new application billing server with the following information:

  • Host or IP address – the application billing server to which you want to send CDRs
  • User Name – user name of the application billing server who has write permission to the directory to which you send the CDR data
  • Password – the FTP password
  • Protocol – protocol used to send CDR data to the application billing server
  • Directory Path – the path to which you want to send CDR data




It is very important that you run the parameters on every server of the cluster. My implementation didn´t work for first time, because I only enabled one server of the cluster.


How to Verify?

Login to Cisco Unified Serviceability page: Tools > CDR Analysis and Reporting. You will see a pop up message similar to the below screenshot.




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