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Question: What is an IOS?
Ans: IOS stands for Internet Operating system which is basically a router’s operating system.


Question: What is a MAC address?
Ans: A Mac Address is called as Media Access Control address. It is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment. MAC address is usually stored in ROM on the network adapter card.


Question: Why MAC address is called Physical address?
Ans: Mac Address is referred to Physical Address because it is not changeable. Every Network Interface Card (NIC) will have a unique Mac-Address.


Question: What is the size of a MAC-Address?
Ans: The size of a Mac-Address is 48 bits.


Question: How the Mac-Address is identified?

Ans:  Mac-Address is 48 bits and 12 digits/letter long, each digit is a number from 0-9 or a letter from A-F. For example A1:B2:3C:4D:E5:F6. First 24 bits part called OUI (Organizational unique identifier) and other 24 bits are device code.


Question: How to check Mac-Address in Windows and a Router/Switch?

Ans: In Windows, open command prompt and type   ipconfig/all    and in router type   show mac address-table



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